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Dr. Kaburakis was in Greece 9/30-10/6 for the American Community Schools (ACS) of Athens International Coaching Clinic and academic-administrative meetings in Athens and Thessaloniki.

First Session was Thursday, October 1st, 6p, at ACS (new library):
Bridges to Higher Education. Combining Education and Athletics.
Administrators, Academic Advisors, Coaches, Parents, and Prospective Student-Athletes session.
Various key constituents and administrators attended. Pleasant surprise to see approximately 80 attendees there. Everyone in this session contributed in making it a very informative, insightful, and enjoyable evening in view of assisting young student-athletes who wish to pursue both their academic and athletic dreams internationally.

Second and third sessions were held at the new library above the ACS gym on Saturday, October 3rd, 9a:
The Bridge to the World of US College Basketball.
Session I: “How you can help your players…” Scholarship opportunities for Greek and international athletes in US colleges and universities. Amateurism policy and recent developments.
Session II: “How you can help yourself…” Coaches’ opportunities for graduate studies, involvement with NCAA coaches, and NCAA teams.

Coaches and basketball constituents from all parts of Greece and Cyprus attended the event.
Time was well spent, discussing important issues of impact on young people’s academic and athletic pursuits.
Thanks to all the coaches who attended during the national election weekend. Your presence was much appreciated and organizers trust you enjoyed a productive experience. Hopefully this interaction and ensuing opportunities for further cooperation will allow coaches and administrators to offer valuable service to young athletes.

The clinic was an outstanding event, featuring top-level NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s basketball coaches with long records of success in highly competitive settings, NCAA post-season participation, NCAA Final Fours, USA basketball and international coaching experience, as well as Greek coaches with recent unprecedented international competitions’ success in FIBA events. The clinic was accredited by the Greek Basketball Coaches Association and the Greek Basketball Federation.

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